How many galaxies are there

As a researcher, I am constantly thinking about different sorts of stuff. And, when I do, I need to know the answer right away. This time, while I was looking at one of the most famous pictures of the universe, which was taken in 1995. This image reveals a view of the universe in which there is supposed to be at least 1000 galaxies. This image helps us to understand the vastness of the universe. However, I started wondering about How many galaxies are there in the universe precisely.

So, I went to the books. I found out that there are about two hundred billion galaxies contained within the universe. However, it seems that this information is wrong and space scientist believe that this number is ten times lower from what it really is. They came up with this realization through observation and through a mathematical method which helps researchers to know the number without having to use technology like a 3D map of the universe (Which, in fact, doesn’t exist yet).

Researchers also claim that we can’t know the exact number of galaxies because some of these galaxies are really far away from Earth and there is no technology to actually prove it. 

The Most Profitable Small Businesses

Starting your own small business tends to be really scaring.In fact, a lot of people out there tend to get stuck in fear and wait for years until they finally decide to say goodbye to eternal job meetings and awful bosses. However, it is true that it is a rough path but that doesn’t mean you are necessarily going to fail. Also, remember that if you do fail, the experience will help you to start over and do it better than the first time.  

Be sure to check The Most Profitable Small Businesses. Going through this kind of lists will help you to acknowledge which field will respond better to your business idea. Also, it is very important that, whatever it is that you chose to do for your first startup, it should be something you know a lot about. For instance, considering that accounting firms are one of the most profitable fields when it comes to small business, then you may think that you should run this kind of company. However, if you know nothing about the subject then your risk of failing increases. So, go through this kind of lists but do it carefully. Find something you really like and is, at the same time, profitable.