Taylor Swift Guitar

There is no doubt that Taylor Swift has become, so far, one of the most important Pop stars of our times. She is a huge phenomenon among teenagers and kids. But, also, adults love her music since they say it is very profound and it inspires. Her music is really feminine and a lot of women seem to feel really identified with her lyrics. Taylor is a feminist who stands for gender equality and women’s rights. Thus, people love her and her activism towards these very important subjects.

She is in the media scope due to the amazing quality of her guitar. Bob Taylor, a luthier from California is responsible for creating the Taylor Swift guitar. He is the number one guitar manufacturer in the States and he claims that his main objective is making an instrument which is easier to play and, at the same time, produces beautiful and amazing sounds. And that’s exactly what Taylor’s guitar is. He has manufactured guitars for other artists such as Jason Mraz and Zac Brown.  

The average price of a guitar like Taylor’s is about 3.000 USD. However, most of the players who have purchased the model which was specifically designed for her are beginners who buy these guitars for pure enjoyment.